new to this blog thing


Hello all! I’m Vee, new to wordpress. im looking to use this a sounding board where I can vent sometimes and other times be inspiring to others,even if unintentionally-and also share my passions,likes, and dislikes in cultural topics, music, random things. Im also going to start a second blog called The Paper Plate Diaries.Be on the lookout for that. It is for young women like me who have taken a later interest in cooking and my journey to become a better cook.So there’s gonna be a little brownage in my omellettes from time to time but I am super excited to be sharing my journey with you guys and hopefully we exchange knowledge and some fyi recipes.I am a CHRISTIAN who has a lot to work at as far as being a better example for everyone,but I do love THE LORD JESUS CHRIST-Without HIM I would probably be dead to be honest.Another thing is I am for the most part an open book once I get to know someone and see that they are genuine.Anyways, I look forward to reading other blogs.Everybody Be Blessed.